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How does a trucker become a published author?

What Do a Bunch of 17 Year Olds Know About Running a Business?

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A couple of points to make this week.

Firstly I’d like to clear up a question a friend asked. It was also something that I wanted to outline anyway. He asked why I was posting anecdotes on the blog. A fair enough question as the blog is supposed to be about my efforts to become a published author.

The answer is that basically I think the blog would become a bit boring if I just posted about the writing side of things. I believe it would make a pretty dry read. There is only is much longevity in that. It’s also true that the anecdotes do relate (trust me on this) to the blog.

The anecdotes started with my wedding night and there was a reason for that. If Naomi and I didn’t get married and head off around the world a few days later I really don’t think I would be writing my book. As I said to my friend, all roads lead to the book!

Secondly, I’d like to redress the long running issue of resistance and it also concerns my friends from back home.

Years ago when I was just out of school my mates and I knocked around together doing the usual time wasting of cruising around in cars with nothing much to do. I distinctly remember one day the five of us parked in a multi-storey shopping mall carpark.

One friend came up with the bright idea of starting a car wash business. We would wash folks cars whilst they shopped. The five of us would take equal responsibility and the more you washed the more you earned. Simple.

We stood in the car park musing the idea. Then we outlined the reasons why it wouldn’t work. We even asked a family member who was in the fire brigade if he thought it was a worth while venture. The idea quickly got panned because, what we assumed would be a lack of drainage in the carpark.

We didn’t ask the owners of the car park if the business was possible. We didn’t draft any enquiring letters. We just summed up that it would fail and binned the whole idea.

Of course, what happens next writes itself. Within months a company is in the very same car park making an absolute killing washing cars.

We were suckers to resistance. We shot ourselves down before anybody else could. There may have been a fear of failure or even possibly even a fear of success. (What do a bunch of 17 year olds know about running a business?) And that’s why we failed. Because somewhere inside us each of us asked ourselves that very question.

I now feel the same resistance with this blog.

I’ll be honest, I’m not 100% comfortable with the whole idea of blogging. I’m not totally behind the concept of telling everybody my aspirations and wants. It doesn’t come naturally and it feels alien.

Who would be interested in anything I’ve got to say? It feels like I’m blowing my own trumpet.

But I also know it goes hand in hand with what I want to do.

So how do I get over it? I get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I just keep going and ignore my insecurities.

If I didn’t, what progress would I have made from the seventeen year old me?


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  1. Good point mate, think we’ve all been there at some stage unna.

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