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How does a trucker become a published author?

We All Have To Start Somewhere

Posted by on Feb 26, 2015 in Journey | 10 comments

Hello and thanks for checking out my blog.
I guess I may as well put my thumbs in my braces and tell you what you might expect from me over the next while.

First off I’m going to be myself and remain as uncensored as I can be without driving you all away in droves. I swear like a docklands hooker so don’t be surprised if the odd curse word appears on your computer box. It’s just how I talk. (Oddly enough my creative writing so far is, for the most part, a much more gentle read.)

The real meat and bones of this blog is to (hopefully) chart my journey from being a truck driver to a published author.

Every Thursday I’ll share my everyday life, my thoughts and my ambitions. I’ll share my strategies, the pitfalls and the learning curves (which I’m sure will be steep and plentiful)

I’ll guide you to my sources of inspiration and anything else that I think might be useful. I may even share some of my writing. Hopefully we will all learn something along the way. If you want to keep up with all this in real time, drop your email address in that box on the right and I’ll email it to you every Thursday. Save you having to come back here.

The plan is to document the full journey. It would be pretty special to get to share it with you and hopefully get to know a few like minded people too. I am completely open to feedback and really looking forward to responding to you. Feel free to drop me a comment. I’m particularly interested in hearing from all different kinds of creative folks so don’t hold back and get in touch.

I would now like to state from the get go that I have absolutely no idea how this is all going to turn out. I’m also highly aware that this could unravel before all of our eyes and that I could end up looking like a prize arse. But those are the risks I’m willing to take.

All I intend to do here is declare my truest intentions and stick my flag in the ground.

So with that said, let us begin.


  1. Am ready. Hit me

    • Come on in, Al.

  2. Sure why not!! Sounds like fun!! :-)

  3. looking forward to your weekly update Gavin

  4. good for you, doing what you want to do following your heart, long way from driving a truck or all those years ago teaching driving. All the best and look forward to reading.

    • Hey Andrew. It’s funny how life changes. Long time since we were learning how to become driving instructors together.

  5. So freaking excited that the blog is up and running – looking forward to regular updates on your progress!

    • Aaand, without doubt the most excited comment yet. Thanks Delaney. Hope you are enjoying the book “Bird by Bird”.

  6. Thanks Megan. It’s pretty cool watching you and Naomi on your project too. It’s a winner.

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