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How does a trucker become a published author?


Posted by on Jul 30, 2015 in volunteering | 0 comments

“Talk to people.”

“Research your subject matter.”

“Speak to the professionals.”

All sound pieces of advice in order to help you write a book.

I’ve done each of these to some extent so far but not nearly enough. I need to get bigger with my ideas and broader in my scope of research. Google searches and emailing people are brilliant for research but a click of a mouse will never trump talking face to face with someone. So I intend to do just that.

There is also a cheeky little subplot to this too.

You see, every Sunday in our house is called Super Dad Sunday. Naomi has her own business which needs fed and watered so I take Ethan, our 18 month son for the day and leave Naomi to it. We go to the zoo, the beach, the park, the soft play, we read books and watch cartoons together. It’s not called Super Dad Sunday for nothing.

However, I’m now presented with the problem of having to research my book without having much spare time. So I’ve decided to merge Super Dad Sunday with research.

One of the characters in my book has Alzheimers disease, which I’m no expert on so I’ve decided to volunteer at a local care home which specialises in dementia. I’m going to take Ethan along with me. Naomi and I are aware that Ethan has very little interaction with elderly people and think it would be pretty healthy for him to be able to socialise with a different generation. There are also studies which show children can have a significant positive impact on elderly people. It’s a win-win situation whilst I also get to learn about the topics concerning my book and get to meet a whole bunch of new people.

At this point I must thank Angela, an old school friend for inspiring this idea. Angela also volunteers in her local community and I got the idea after reading one of her Facebook posts.

There is a little bit of paper work to complete before Ethan and I can head off on our new Super Dad Sunday venture so it might take a few weeks before we can head on down there but I’m already really looking forward to it.

I just hope they can handle an 84 centimetre tall bundle of energy down at the care home.

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