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The Morning Routine

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This last week my morning routine has changed. I was getting up at five, shaking myself awake and after a splash of water on my face I’d start writing.

Most of the time it felt like I was grinding gears. Some mornings the writing wasn’t coming so easily. By the time I actually got into a flow it would be 6am and time to get ready for work. And to be perfectly honest I was finding it difficult to stick to the routine.

So last week I decided to change things up. I had listened to an interview on The Lively Show podcast with the writer and public speaker Hal Elrod. His book The Miracle Morning is centred around the  practice of starting every day with a concerted effort .

But what had me really interested in Hal was his back story. We are of similar age, he was once a perfectly normal average guy yet reached great success twice before having it pulled away from under his feet. Oh, and he’s been dead before. He’s a force of positivity.

The next thing I wanted to focus on was my body. I’ve always been a skinny bastard. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve told Naomi that I’m going to work out and build myself up.

As a guy with limited free time I had to get creative. The Tim Ferriss book 4 Hour Body is just that. It rams a workout into ya in minimal time with staggering results. Tim is as close to the Terminator as we are likely to get. The guy is a machine. Let’s forget the Schwarzenegger look I may be conjuring up. Ferriss is a guy who has experimented by putting pints of his own blood through, what is essentially a laboratory whisk before having it pumped back into his body just to see what it feels like. He deliberately engineers his own body. He’s intense. So is Hal Elrod.

And that’s where I part ways with these guys for now.

I’ll take a little of Hal and a little Tim and build my own routine.

So far it’s me doing ten minutes of Tim’s sit ups and a few minutes of Hal’s visualisation technique and it’s working. Me sitting alone. In the dark. Like a big skinny thinking weirdo.

When its time to write the words come out far more easily. 40 pumped up minutes of writing are far more productive than 60 lethargic minutes.

In time I intend to up the routine to a proper work out and also take on a bit more of Hal’s strategies. If I could fit a morning walk in there somewhere it would be perfect.

Hang on, I’ll walk and think at the same time. Boom! Who says guys can’t do two things at the same time?

Hmmm, I wonder if thirty minutes of writing after a full workout, a 5am walk and a wee think will be even more productive…

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