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How does a trucker become a published author?


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Life has been pretty hectic over the last couple of weeks for us Liddells. 

We have moved house and although it is only two streets away from our previous joint, and despite the fact that we got loads of help from our friends, the whole move still managed to become a little ole stress festival.

Throw in the fact that we recently had to say cheerio to my folks who were staying with us for the last six weeks and hopefully you’ll understand why I didn’t write a post last week.

Whether it’s moving house, sick kids, work or any other myriad of stuff that you have to wade through, life just has other things planned. 

Friends will ask you how things are and often the default answer will be, “Oh, you know. Keeping busy.” Well, in all honesty Naomi and I have been up to our eyeballs in busy-ness. 

It is a fact that I could have carved out some time to write a post, but (and I’m going to be brutally honest here) I really couldn’t be fucked. And, for this point in my life, I’m good with that. 

I just hit the pause button. 

No writing, no blogging, no researching, no inspiration, no jotting down ideas, no reading. No nothing (forgive the double negative). 

I had to stop… I’ll rephrase that. Life stopped me. 

Yet, through all of this the one person that has really kept his cool and shown some discipline around this joint is my son Ethan. The little sixteen month old wrecking ball has taken it all in his tiny wobbly stride. 

One day his grandparents turn up from the other side of the world, six weeks later they vanish. Boom, gone. He had a little look around the guest bedroom after they left as if to say, “Where did the old folks go?” and then got on with his day. A few days later we move house. Nothing. The little son of a gun hasn’t wavered. Strong like bull. 

When he’s able to form sentences I’ll ask him how he does it. Then I’ll pass it on.

So, next week once all the boxes have disappeared from our new living room, the internet is back on and I don’t have to to think really hard just to find a coffee mug, I’ll tell you about the time my wife took me to a Vietnamese brothel. Yup.

See ya then.

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