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Every Man Needs A Hobby

Posted by on Sep 3, 2015 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

Every man needs a hobby, and my hobby just happens to be making beer.

Yup… Delicious, frothy, beautiful (sometimes not so great nor frothy) beer.

Out here in Australia the home brew industry is thriving due to the eye watering cost of brand beers. You can go all out Breaking Bad style and have a full on mini brewery in your garage or you can pick up a simple kit from the supermarket. (No prizes for guessing that I’ve got the supermarket number).

I picked up my first home brew kit nearly two years ago and despite my best of intentions the results have been varied. From a very decent stout, which passed the Pepsi challenge with one Irish friend to a decidedly rank swill which was meant to be a pale ale. I’ve had trouble producing consistently good beer.

Until now.

Tonight I cracked the first bottle of a new batch and I’m happy to say it’s my best effort yet. And it’s all down to one simple gadget. A temperature control.

I’ll try and not get all technical on you here so I’ll give it my best shot in laymans terms. (Hang on until I take the tongue out of my cheek)

You know yeast? If you can’t keep your brew at a steady temperature the yeast goes mental. And when the yeast goes mental it gives off the taste of, well… Home brew.

Hence the temperature control.

The temperature of the brew was steady. The beer tastes mighty fine.

I’d love to share the recipe, but I don’t have one. Much like most things in my life, I just charged on and hoped for the best. I have used the same technique with varying degrees of success throughout my life for cooking, writing, education, playing football and getting married.

As for the alcohol content.

I have no idea.

All I know is that I’ve drank a couple already and writing this post feels kinda loose to me.



1 Comment

  1. Nice one Gavin, your Graham is on his way to the pool next week, probably no home brew but copius amounts will be drunk while Graham watches his beloved Man United take on the mighty reds in the company of 10 Scouse Mixed martial artist Liverpool supporting lads, could be some material for the next blog, hope all is well pal, night.

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