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All In The Name Of Research

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Last night I sat down to do research for my book. I don’t know what research means to other writers but for me it means scrolling through Youtube documentaries for a pretty rare neurological condition called Synesthesia.
The definition on puts it like this:


1. a sensation produced in one modality when a stimulus is applied to another modality, as when the hearing of a certain sound induces the visualisation of a certain colour.

Basically it’s a coming together of the senses.

In other words, music can be seen in colour and colours can also have tastes. Numbers, days and months can be associated with different colours and some tastes can even feel like an object.

So far scientists have identified over a hundred different variations of the condition with a few strands being vastly more common than others. It is estimated that 1% of the earth’s population are Synesthetes. The condition has no known side effects other than it being 100% awesome.

The most common example is when Synesthetes associate days, numbers or months with certain colours. For example Monday could be yellow, nine could be green and so on.

It ‘s a pretty funky world for these folks.

So, I’m on the couch with my laptop open ready to take notes and Naomi is reading her book next to me. I’m watching the video of a Synesthete relating her condition. She tells us that she has a spacial type of Synesthesia. For her the months of the year are catagorised in a visual calendar which she can “pull up” when someone talks of a certain date. It’s pretty hard to explain so maybe its best to watch her video here.

As the girl is explaining this Naomi casually remarks, from behind her book, “Ah come on… That’s just normal.”

This was my response, “………..(bewildered) ………………what?”

“Do you not do that?” She asked rather casually.

“Eh. No!”

“Then how did you learn the months of the year at school?” Naomi was now engaged in the conversation.

“By rote! January, February………….. Why? What do you do?”

“Well January is over here.” She points to her left. “And February comes around here after it and then March, April….”

I’m stunned.

“The dates of the month arc over it all like a big rainbow that gets further away but comes back to ya!”

Jesus Fucking Christ.

I’m researching a rare condition and low and behold I’m married to someone who has it. And neither of us knew it.

We verified it by Naomi taking this test

Boom! Naomi has Spacial Sequence Synesthesia.

Feel free to test yourselves at the above link folks.

I watched part 1 and part 2 of this talk by David Eagleman for any of you that might be interested.




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