Gavin Liddell

How does a trucker become a published author?


To pay the bills I’m a truck driver.

I’m Scottish. My wife (Naomi) is Irish and our son (Ethan) is somewhere in between. We’re all currently living in Perth, Western Australia.

Naomi and I landed in Perth during August 2011 whilst on a round-the-world trip which just so happened to be our honeymoon. We haven’t travelled any further. If anyone asks we will happily inform them that we are technically still on honeymoon. Who says it needs to last two weeks?

Whilst I’m not trucking, or being a dad, or a husband I’m writing my first novel.

The story came to me during a short flight from Edinburgh to Belfast. I looked out of the cabin window into absolutely nothing; just a brilliant white. The blinding clouds had obliterated everything from view. Someone may as well have been holding an A4 piece of paper over the small window. The germ of an idea was born and I held onto it for five whole years whilst doing the square root of bugger all about it.

That all changed last year when I started my first draft which I’m still working on. I vastly underestimated just how long it would take me to write my book. I also underestimated just how much I would enjoy it.